IDEAS on the “wall”

While we may only present a few designs at a time it begins with our design team sketching ideas and putting them up on the "wall" for the entire team to review, comment and even criticize so we design you a better product.

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Billions and Billions Served

You cannot pass a McDonald’s in the US or the world without seeing “billions served̶... Read More

Our New Website

About 6 months ago, we introduced our new Logo. The idea was to have a fresh look, we were a new com... Read More

Can a Material really be Bionic?

Just about everyday, someone at our company Premier Pack, thinks of and shares an idea that helps ou... Read More

Featured Product & Design Updates

  • Molded Mobile Phone Case

    This molded iPhone case was designed for our customer to protect the phone and look good doing it. High quality materials was mold...

    EG Product Visualization and Prototype

    EG, has been developing a process in which mobile devices could be protected from the elements, when it was convenient for the con...

    Vacuum Accessory Case

    This accessory case was designed for one of the largest appliance companies in the world. Their newest high end vaccum need a case...

  • BP Monitor Design

    One of the largest BP monitor manufacturers asked us to design the new carry case for their new BP home monitor. One of the custom...

    “Sheets” Injection Molded Solution

    Sheets, the new way to take energy came to us and asked us to design some unique carry solutions that they could implement either ...

    Beauty Kit

    This high end cosmetic company asked us to manufacture their spa kit. The case needed to clear and compartmentalized so that all t...

  • Tablet Cases

    These iPad/Tablet carry cases are made of soft but durable neoprene and produced in various colors...

    Industrial Test Meter

    This Thermorformed carry case was designed and manufactured so that the device is form fitted inside the case. The case is also de...

    Rescue Blanket

    This Rescue Blanket Carry Case was designed to be quickly identified for easy access by fire rescue and ambulance personnel...

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